Body Work

Bodywork can be solely focused on a massage.  Or it can be more, pushing your physical being to new heights.  Get shaved, be covered in mud, have your hair pulled, or get a liquor massage.  There’s so many ways to experience a new feeling…

My massage touch can range from sensual, tender, and rather seductive, to fervent, powerful, and deep. I prefer to give massages on a bed.  A bed allows me to be closer to you, and I feel it helps to keep us on the same level – both literally and figuratively.  Please note, I do not travel with a massage table.

Body stretching.  I use my body to stretch yours.  It feels good.  It’s simple, yet exciting.   This is a great warm up to some of the other options here.

During this, both of us are naked.  I use Neutrogena Body Oil on your skin – actually, we both get oiled up.  Rooted in the Lomilomi tradition, I use my entire body in the massage, not just my hands.  Skin sliding against skin feels incredibly sensual.

I am certified in massage.  I chose to study abroad, as I didn’t want the confines of Western massage methodology.  My style is a combination of Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Shiatsu.  Post-massage, you can enjoy a shower, alone or with me washing you up.  The oil I use is actually designed as a skin conditioner, and completely washes off in the shower.  I normally use the scented version (a light sesame scent) but I also have unscented; please request that when booking.

I learned about this during some of my early years spent in Bali.  It’s an old style of massage that sadly is dying out.  Balinese elders had used a liquor called Arak to administer massages to both adults and babies.  Of all the common liquors in the United States, Gin is probably most similar to Arak.  I’ve found that a massage with liquor delivers a warmth and intensity that actually surpasses massage oils.  When I have had such massages myself, the liquor has been used in a myriad of ways and results in a truly exceptional bodywork experience.  In my apartment, this massage is given on my massage table, not the bed.

Get a massage while restrained.  Removing your sense of touch and ability to move in general results in an experience unlike any other massage you may have had.  If you’re adventurous, I definitely encourage you to give this a try.  Heighten the sensation by removing your sense of sight, with one of my blindfolds.

Sometimes all you really want are some strong masculine hands on your butt…

I use just two fingers from each hand to pull the skin up and away from your body.   This is hard to explain, and intense to feel.

Hair pulling can be as gentle or rough as you desire.

Genital shaving, ass shaving, back, arms, legs, neck, face, head… Wow, there’s so much body hair that can be removed!  I am an expert shaver and prefer to do it “dry” – without water or even shaving cream.  However if you want either, we can incorporate such.   Put your trust in me as I take a razor to your skin.  Body shaving is an incredibly intimate experience.

With roots in myofascial-release massage technique, I will pull you away from yourself – literally. Fascia is the soft, connective tissue that runs throughout the body including organs, nerves, muscles, through your abdominal wall, and more.  I’ll work all over your body, or in specifically desired areas.  But don’t be misled, this is not a relaxing massage.  In fact, the process can be a bit painful at times, yet the discomfort is momentary.  With this bodywork practice, my intent is not to cause pain, but to create space amongst your cells.  The results – some felt immediately, others within a day or two – are of a lightness that cannot easily be described with words.