Stay in or go out?  Let’s do both!  Whether it’s a jaunt around DC, a visit to another state, an international excursion, or an adult-only environment – we can have fun both in private and out in public.  Here are some ideas.  Don’t hesitate to suggest something else to me, that’s not listed here.

From luxury (cruises or five star resorts), to casual (hanging out, low key), to more rough adventure travel – an international experience is something that the two of us can share.

I’ve been told I’m a good travel companion.  Fact is, I have experience in many cultures, Western and non-Western; technologically-developed as well as tribal groups.  I really love exploring.  Have you ever wanted to go to Australia, Sri Lanka, or Peru, but didn’t want to do a group tour?  What about hitting the Royal Albert Hall in London, Kozue in Tokyo (the Park Hyatt’s stunning top floor restaurant), or the Rajathan spa at Amanbagh?  I clean up pretty well… although I can stay “clean” for only so long!  I speak a few languages besides English, and can get around in a few more.

Let’s visit a sex shop together – in DC, or anywhere in the world!  Explore all the different things that are for sale.  Ask me questions about things you don’t know about; I will try to explain.  If there’s something I’m not familiar with, you’re in luck – unlike many people, I have no problem approaching staff and asking about a particular product or activity.  I approach sex shops as titillating opportunities for fun, not with dread or embarrassment.  Join me and let’s see what products we can find…

Let’s explore a particular city’s museums.  Let’s shop for you – or for me – or both of us!  Let’s visit its monuments together.  Let’s go for a run together, or share a workout.   Let’s rent bikes or segways or scooters, and enjoy the city from a slightly different perspective.  Let’s eat at some of its best restaurants (whether sophisticated and highend, or simple and truly local). Let’s go to the theatre, or opera, or some performance event.  Let’s hear some live music!  Or, what the hell – let’s hit a few bars (straight, gay, trans, dance clubs, or clubs with dancers!) and have a few drinks.  Bottom line:  Let’s do whatever you want to do in a city! 

I love films.  Do you?  Let’s catch a movie together.  I like most types of films, including Drama, Action, Adventure, Art films, Documentaries, Comedies, Science Fiction, and – yep – even Chick Flicks.

Theatre?  Well, it’s my drug.  There, I’ve said it.  Without it in my life, I feel imbalanced, as if something is missing.  There’s something about live theatre that excites me, even when it’s a mediocre performance.

Do you like sharing thoughts on a film or performance you’ve just seen?  I view both mediums with a critical eye, and would enjoy discussing our individual perspectives afterward.

They exist everywhere – within the USA, and all over the globe.   Let’s get to one and be naked outdoors.  From Swinger’s Retreats, to All Male Resorts, to Naked Campgrounds, we can have our fun in the buff.  We can either be alone, in a spot where others can see us, or even in an environment where others join in.

Yep, these are everywhere, too.  Find something that you’d like to attend, and run it by me.  It’s a good chance I’ll be up for it too.  Not sure how to find one, but have an idea of something you’d like?  Let’s talk, plan, and get ourselves there!