When it comes to kink, I can only say:  it’s a big world out there.  There are so many interests – like Blindfolds, Shaving, Role Play, Having the Lights Off – or Having the Lights On – that one can conclude that most people have some sort of kink interest, at some point in their life.

Kink’s been around for a good long time.  From the erotic poems of the ancient Roman Catullus, to 16th century Japanese Shunga, to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s novella Venus in Furs, to Pauline Reage’s Story of O and Bettie Page pinups in the ’50s, to The Velvet Underground’s 1967 debut album, to Mapplethorpe’s 1980’s hard core photos, to Canadian musician Peaches’ songs, to today’s alt-sex conferences worldwide… don’t worry, kink’s not going anywhere.

And why should it?  Kink is good!  It is one of those things that actually keeps your sex life interesting. It helps you to explore, grow, and learn about yourself and others.  It’s fun, and it’s crazy.  I’ve listed here several things in the kink realm that I myself enjoy.  Take a peek into my world… it’s vast, rich, sometimes dark, sometimes hilarious – yet always exciting.

From quick-release velcro restraints on my bed, to my wall with metal chains for vertical bondage, to ropes with different textures and thicknesses, to duct tape, to full body mummification, to being tied together with another person…  bondage can take away so much, and simultaneously give you so much back.

Temporarily remove your ability to experience sense.  Blindfolds remove the sense of sight.  Loud music takes away your ability to hear what’s around, or to know exactly where I am at any given moment.  Bondage keeps you from tactilely experiencing the world, effectively keeping you from touching yourself, or me.  And I have hoods that can control your sense of sight, or even whether I’d like your mouth to be accessible or not.

Get aroused from being humiliated and demeaned. Humiliation can be verbal or physical, and can be done in private or (at my discretion) in public.  Waiting on others; being made to clean feet; being forced to wear makeup – or diapers – or jockstraps – or panties; being covered with food or dirt; getting hosed down; scrubbing floors or toilets; or being made to perform exercises or other physical tests – all are examples of humiliation.

Dominance, submission, discipline, mistreatment, humiliation, pain – these can all be parts of sadomasochism.  Sometimes they can be delivered separately (like the Humiliation paragraph above), and sometimes they can be mixed together.   A common misperception is that SM play will hurt.  In fact, a BDSM scene can be totally free of pain if you want it to be.  An example of this would be a scene that only involved discipline, perhaps along with some bondage, humiliation, and tickling.

Another fear is that the submissive will be the recipient of some sadomasochistic play against his or her will.  However, within the BSDM realm, most practictioners talk about their specific desires before beginning any play, and agree on limits.

Think doctor exams, serviceman house calls, pick up scenes in a bar, coach / athlete, office worker, delivery man, authority figure, Tarzan / hunter, teacher / student.  And then there’s always age play – boy / son, daddy / little girl, baby with diapers.  What role do you fantasize about?

The feel of warm wet piss on skin can be ultra sensual for some people.  Others may just see it as fun, a throwback to days of playing around with your childhood friends.  And for others still, it’s a form of dominance and submission.  I know tricks for making sure piss comes out easily.   There’s so much that can be done with it – but be ready, ’cause it’s a slippery slope…

Let’s wrestle!  From light skirmishes on the bed to pre-arranged padding on the floor – we can wrestle each other in our underwear, with wrestling singlets on, or naked.  Oh, wait – another option would be for us to be naked and oiled up – with plastic sheeting for us to slide around on.  Wrestling can also be done where the winner of rounds can order the person who gets pinned, on an activity of the winner’s choosing.

How about a round of poker, or blackjack?   Similar to wrestling (above), the winner of the round gets to order the loser.   Card games are best done with a small group of people, but even if its just you and I, there must be something you can lose to – er, I mean, something we can play, one on one…

Being truly versatile in this regard, I have a good amount of gear to facilitate CBT.  Ball stretchers and vices and weights and parachutes, cock rings and slings and pumps, my Wartenberg wheel… and then there’s my famous catleash – which I use for tying things up firmly.  Wait, perhaps that’s not my most famous aspect in this category:  I have a trick I can do with my balls.  Have you heard of shurgging?  Yep, I can shurg.

A very intimate activity.  A very intense activity.  I am a fisting top, and like to fist both anally and vaginally.   Enough said.

And More…

There are countless activities that comprise the kink world.  Here are some others that I enjoy.  With all of the ones listed below, I can play in a dominant role, and with some of them I can play in a submissive role, too.  Please don’t hesitate to enquire if you have an interest in something that’s not listed here, or if you’d like to know which role I can assume with any of them.

If you don’t know what these terms are – well, that’s what Google is for, right?

Sleeping People
Tit Torture
Hair Shoes
Food Play
Wet And Messy
Wax Play
Nipple Play
Puppy Play

Final Thought Here:  Do You Want to Clarify Who’s in Charge?

It can be helpful for you to communicate the style of our session together.  I can be in charge, or you can (I am a true switch.) As a top, I can be a dominant but caring man, in charge and firm.  Or, I can be an assertive, rough, relentless master to you.   As a bottom, I like to have some idea of what my top enjoys, so I can serve him or her well.

For sessions where we establish who is in charge, it’s best to clarify beforehand your desired levels.  Some people may want a gentle or caring session, where others may prefer humiliation.  Some might go for pain and discomfort… whereas others may like a sensual experience.  Please feel free to tell me what style you prefer.

The Important Legal Stuff That’s So Important, It’ll Be Mentioned Again Here:

The exchange of money is only for time and discreet companionship. Anything other than this is by personal choice between adults of legal age. Anything listed above is for entertainment purposes only and in no way implies any illegal actions or activities.