These are things that have been repeatedly requested of me in the past. Some of them are kinky, some are just plain helpful.  Figured I’d lay ’em out there, for anyone who’s interested…

The options below are available for an additional $40 each. If you want any of them,  please let me know when booking your appointment.

Maybe you want to get real, honest, open feedback on how our time went.  This is not for everyone.  I know there are some people who couldn’t care less about what I think, let alone having their behavior critiqued.   But I’ve found that there are others whom welcome it.   This sort of thing can be very helpful in knowing what sort of signals you give, what sort of skills you have, what you can build upon, and how you can have your time with someone go even better.  Feedback would be given at the end of a session, so please include at least 15 minutes for that when figuring out the complete amount of time you’d like to spend with me.

Perhaps you’d like to see me just after a work out.  I’ll be in gym clothes (or less).  You’ll get the smell of a man ripe with stench.

I can arrive with a full bladder, or build up to one during our time together.  Either way, things’ll flow nicely.

Give me some idea of how you like them, and I’ll be wearing them that way when you arrive.

Let me know which you’d like to take home, and if you want them clean or soiled.  If the latter, be sure to tell me how you like them.