Sometimes during an appointment, someone will ask me what I like.  If you are curious about that, I’ve answered it here. Don’t worry, it’s not a “escort wish-list” of things I’d like you to buy me as gifts.  You’re not going to find clothes, electronic items or scents that I want to have.  Instead, I’ve listed out things I find pleasurable during an appointment.

In making that list, I realized there are also things I don’t enjoy during an appointment.  So if you’re interested, you’ll also find a list of what I don’t like.  Please do not feel pressured to honor these things that I like and don’t like; it’s merely an effort to help those who want to know things that I, as an escort, prefer. After all, escorts are all individuals.  Just think of this as one way to get to know me better.

Important Note, Lest Anyone Think This Is Really About Me: I very much believe that as an escort, my preferences are secondary to my clients’ desires.

…If you have any interest in knowing:

  • If I’ve never met you before, I’d like to get to know you through a bit of conversation, during our first few minutes together.
  • After that, I really do like to begin with a massage.  I think it’s an amazing way to become intimate with a person, in a short amount of time.  This, too, is if we’ve never met before.  For repeat clients, well, pretty much anything goes!
  • I like when people share a little bit about themselves with me.  I ’m not looking for deep personal details, but I feel I give so freely of myself to people (often, in fact, sharing personal things about my life and my background) and it seems odd when it’s not reciprocated.  I suppose I see the escort experience as a truly unique meeting that takes place between two people. No matter how someone might tell themself that it is “just a transaction” it is, in fact, an intense time between two individuals.
  • I like gentle, slow, romantic times, with light touches and soft kissing, and cuddling and whispers and moans.  And yes, I do like being touched.
  • I also like more wild, rough play. I love pounding, hair-pulling, ass-slapping fucking. I think role play, nipple play, and discipline are fun.  I’ll never turn down wrestling.   And restraints, watersports (WS), fist fucking (FF), and cock-and-ball torture (CBT) are hot, too.
  • Body hair removal is a favorite of mine.  I like to shave pussies, assholes, dicks, balls, and even necks / backs / legs – hell, virtually anywhere!
  • I like tips.  There, I’ve said it.  Now, aside from the obvious part – that tips are additional money being given to me – I think I really like tips because they show, in a way that’s different from words, how a client has recognized my efforts.  I sincerely want to make each person’s experience with me special.  I work very hard to please people, and a tip (even a very small tip, if money is tight) demonstrates in a non-verbal way that my client appreciated that.
  • I like good coffee, especially a properly-made Flat White.  I like good tasting food – quality over quantity works for me.  And I love a good scotch.

…If  you have any interest in knowing:

  • Not a fan of deodorant.  I find that the smell of a person – including sweat – is a real turn on for me. While I can appreciate a nice cologne or perfume, I find that deodorant under someone’s arms keeps me from smelling their essence there.
  • If I’ve never met someone before, I don’t enjoy attempts to be groped or kissed during the first few minutes of an encounter. I really express myself honestly, and would much rather kiss someone out of true desire than obligation.  I’d like to think that most people who wait and give me time to want to kiss them end up getting a much more satisfying kiss.
  • If i’m saying something complimentary, I don’t like when the other person says something like “yeah, right” with the feeling that I’m just saying that because that’s what escorts do.   I’d like to believe that I am different from those kinds of escorts, who give out compliments simply because they are being paid.  In the years that I’ve been escorting, I have worked hard to keep my integrity and not bullshit my clients with, well, bullshit.
  • If I had my choice, there wouldn’t be any porn playing when I’m naked with someone else.   I figure, we are together, live!  We can make our own porn – that is, without any cameras rolling…
  • I don’t like when clients are drunk or high during an appointment.  I don’t mean people who’ve had a drink or two, or come to me with a little buzz on. I am talking about clients who are unable to function during a session – whether it involves falling over, being disrespectful, or passing out.
  • An excessively long email can be annoying.  I’ll read it, think “I need a chunk of time to respond to this appropriately” and then, well – that doesn’t happen in a timely period.  I get frustrated, and the sender of the email becomes frustrated, too.  Please: keep your emails succinct.  On the other hand, know that I’m happy to talk about anything you want when we’re together, face to face.
  • I really do not like when people cancel appointments on short notice without rebooking, or offering compensation for the lost session.